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Anibal Aviles Playground Wish List


1. An internal "safety fence" at the top of the entrance ramp to prevent children (and toys) from rolling out into the street -

DONE in January 2016!

2. Repaint all the existing benches and equipment in the playground

DONE in October 2016!

3. New playground equipment - in conjunction with a park redesign

Planning (hopefully) to begin in 2017

4.  A "comfort station" - also known as bathrooms (which could also serve the users of Booker T. Washington playfield across the street)

Coming SOON!  Well, sorta, as part of the redevelopment of the adjacent parking garages, West Side Federation for Supportive Senior Housing (WSFSSH) has agreed to build one open to the public through the park.

What else do YOU want? Email us and let us know!